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Terms of Use

Rental Procedure

  1. Register/Log in to your account and submit relevant information.
  2. Select suitable IT equipment.
  3. Complete online payment.

Payment Details

  1. Payment day: The rental start day is the monthly payment day. For example, if you have selected 28/2 as your equipment rental start day, then the 28th day of each month will be the payment day.
  2. Deposit: Deposit will be charged during checkout.
  3. Payment method: Online payment, credit card, debit card or bank transfer. *Users who use bank transfer are required to email their receipts to [email protected] and state bill number.

Rental Options

  1. Rent only: Complete monthly rental payment and return the equipment to the company after the end of rental duration or extend rental duration. You may upgrade your equipment anytime during the rental duration.
  2. Rent to own: Users can become owners! After the end of a rental duration of 1 years, the equipment will belong to users. T&Cs apply.

Operation Hours

Monday to Friday
9am to 6pm

Procedure during Receival

You are strongly advised to check the equipment within 24 hours after receival. If you find any damage, please contact Zulend within 24 hours or equipment is considered in good condition.

Rental Protection

During the rental duration, Zulend provides free maintenance and replacement should you come across any malfunction under normal usage. However, if the malfunction is due to abnormal usage (Such as cracks, scratches, liquid spills, drops, etc. due to human factors), repaired by an unauthorised person, or damage caused by accidents (Such as collision or natural disaster), users will be held responsible for relating fees.

Breach of Contract

These situations are considered breach of contract:

  1. No payment was made 5 days after rental payment date.
  2. No return of equipment after the end of rental duration.
  3. Returned the equipment before the end of rental duration but the balance of 50% according to contract was not paid.
  4. Equipment is damaged upon return but no repair fee was made.

Return of Equipment

When the rental duration ends, Zulend will assign specialists to check and collect the equipment on the spot. Specialists will immediately inform users should there is any damage or malfunction. Users may be charged with relating fee based on actual situation of damage.