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How It Works?

We provide the answers to your IT needs.

Spending Greatly
As A Startup?

Rent your IT equipment from Zulend so that you make better use of your fund.

Struggling to make a choice from
a wide range of IT equipment?

Zulend specialists will arm you with ideal IT equipment based on your requirements.

Does value depreciation mean
the end of old IT equipment?

IT equipment rentals can avoid risks of depreciation and issues of idle assets.

Consumable costs and
accessory fees too high?

Zulend saves rental costs and prevents equipment from becoming your liabilities.

Laptops are prone
to damages?

Zulend provides stable and secure high-quality laptops.

Malfunction of IT equipment
leads to project delays?

Zulend specialists provide instant on-site repairs and avoid complicated procedures for you.


High-performance configurations with a low price

Eliminate payment pressure and improve cash flow.

Save time and effort

Instant on-site repairs and maintenances.

Provide ideal equipment based on requirements

Customise configurations and fulfill individual needs.

A complete range of equipment

Multiple brands and models up for grabs.

Flexible rental duration

Adjust the quantity of equipment based on client’s needs anytime.

Diversified ways to manage assets

Offer upgrades during rental duration and match all business requirements

Instant and safe deliveries

Support free deliveries at your convenience.

Promote environmental awareness

Reuse packaging materials and transform used IT equipment.