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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I lose the equipment?

If you lose the equipment, kindly contact Zulend immediately. We will calculate the loss and cancel the rental contract after you have made a compensation fee.

What if the equipment malfunctions?

If your equipment malfunctions, kindly contact Zulend immediately. Our specialists will perform remote diagnostics or check at your place.

During the rental duration, Zulend provides free maintenance and replacement should you come across any malfunction under normal usage. However, if the malfunction is due to human factor or accident, users will be held responsible for relating repair fee. If the equipment cannot be repaired, users will have to compensate all loss.

Can I change my delivery address after placing an order?

Yes, please contact Customer Service if you wish to change the delivery address.

What if the equipment I want to rent is not in your list?

You can fill out and submit inquiry form. Zulend will endeavour to fulfil your needs.

Can I keep my data after the end of rental duration?

Yes, Zulend can help you to back up your data to a hard drive. You only need to pay for the hard drive.

Can I change unsuitable equipment?

You may consult Zulend specialists before renting any equipment. They will suggest you the most suitable equipment based on your needs. Besides, you can always upgrade your equipment during the rental duration.

How do I schedule a specialist for repair?

1. Contact Customer Service. Our specialists will analyse and determine the situation of damage for you.

2. If the hardware malfunctions under normal usage, our specialists will perform remote diagnostics or check at your place for free.

3. If the software or equipment malfunctions due to human factor or accident, whether it is remote diagnostics or on-site check, you will be charged with related repair fee.

4. Users may purchase Fixway’s maintenance package in order to secure equipment maintenance. If the software has issue or malfunctions due to human factor or accident, Zulend will deduct the amount from Fixway’s maintenance package. Visit here for details of Fixway’s maintenance package.

How do I schedule a specialist for repair?

No, during rental period you should contact Zulend for repairs. It is considered a breach of contract if you give your IT equipment to unauthorised person for repair.